Why a Lady Driver Should Choose the Best Car Covers

Cars are normally just a man issue. But with the contemporary world being slowly dominated by means of the girls, more and more ladies are addicted to having their personal rides and accessorizing them at their coronary heart’s content material.

With this in mind, how need to a lady recognize if the add-ons she selected are the proper ones? Here’s a take on the significance of choosing the great car covers specifically for the ladies.

The automobile is exposed to the harsh surroundings. Dust, pollution, and climate conditions all paintings against any vehicle. A lady is normally conscious of how she and her automobile look. With the risks that surround the automobile every day, a great amount of protection must be laid out.

A vehicle cover is the only way to protect the car even if it’s far parked out of doors. Acid rain, tree sap, even the solar could make the car’s paint finish appearance dull. Without a cowl to defend it, it’s going to really degrade and lose its beauty in no time.

Dents and scratches are never welcome. One of the unsightly risks posed for automobiles is the tendency to get scratched or dented with bumps. Even if it unintended, they might show up mainly if you are parked out of doors and there are numerous impatient drivers around. Your car should get minor bumps from irresponsible drivers who can not park their motors nicely, or from youngsters who’re walking round your vehicle. Even at the storage, the danger of having scratches on the edges is constantly a opportunity. With durable vehicle covers, those dangers are minimal as they’ll serve as a defense mechanism. A cowl may want to help take away scratches and with the proper cloth, cushion the auto from any minor bumps.

3. Because a woman’s automobile is more likely to be well-maintained, it gets the attention of many thieves. Although there are excellent picks for vehicle alarms and anti- robbery gadgets, a vehicle cowl should deter away all of us who desires to benefit unauthorized access to any vehicle. It can be very awkward for them to try and sneak in via the covers and on the identical time battle with the alarm system.

4. All the risks which could probably damage the auto may want to hurt the proprietor financially. Without putting in tons protection on it, the value of restore could be a burden. It isn’t reasonably-priced to have the auto repainted or be repaired for scratches and dents. You paid excellent money to buy the auto of your dream, you must no longer be losing that money by not worrying enough to buy a durable vehicle cowl which you need.

Chevrolet Camaro turns police car in Santa Catarina

The Chevrolet Camaro, which in Brazil was once the theme of music and won the title of “soccer player’s car”, now became a police car. A 2012 coupe, curiously yellow in color, was seized in 2013 in an operation by the 12th Military Police Battalion of Santa Catarina (see details of the case below). The muscle car was eventually incorporated into the fleet and will be used for PM communication actions in the city of Balneário Camboriú, on the north coast of the state. Although he received all the visual equipment of the Santa Catarina police vehicles, with white paint, stickers (including the state coat of arms) and giroflex, the muscle car will not participate in the daily patrol. The Camaro will be used in marketing and community action, such as sports competitions and presence in schools, according to Colonel Marcello Martinez Hipolito. Current State Chief of Staff, he was the commander of the 12th SC PM battalion at the time the sport was seized. In addition to the Camaro, the Santa Catarina Military Police fleet has a Willys jeep from the 1970s and a Volkswagen Fusca, also old. There are also two bikes from Honda that deviate from the standard of the models used in the daily patrol: a 750 Four and a 550 Four. According to Colonel Martinez, a VW Kombi that already belonged to the PM is in the process of restoration. You can buy the best car covers from here.

Chevrolet Camaro has V8 engine

The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro seized by the PM of Santa Catarina has 6.2 V8 engine that generates 406 hp and 56.7 mkgf. The gearbox is automatic six-speed and traction, rear. The car is part of the first generation (after the production interruption of the model in the US) of the sports car, which arrived in Brazil in 2011. Since then there have been several updates. The most recent is the 2019 line, which will arrive in the country in the first quarter of next year. The new Camaro was introduced to the Brazilians during the Automobile Show last month. In addition to the redesigned look, the Chevrolet has received a 10-speed automatic transmission, unprecedented in the line. Check out the full review of the Camaro 2019 here.

Understand the PM Chevrolet Camaro case

According to Colonel Martinez, the Chevrolet Camaro was seized in 2013. The coupe was found by police officers during a round, with doors open and with no one inside. When picking up the file of the car, the policemen verified that the characteristics of the Chevrolet did not strike with the numbers of the plates and chassis informed by Detran. The vehicle was registered in Paraná, but the plates and the seal were from Santa Catarina. The next step of the PMs was to locate the supposed owner of the vehicle. When questioned about conflicting data, he denied ownership of the Camaro. And it provided information that allowed the police to locate who the real owner of the vehicle would be.

When arriving at the indicated place, the policemen found the defendant, drugs, false documents and diverse cell phones, besides R $ 1 million in kind. PM seized two other Hyundai cars that were with the suspect (an i30 hatch and a Sonata sedan) and two motorcycles. Throughout the investigation, police discovered that the Camaro had been purchased at a used-car store. The payment was made in cash and the transfer of ownership had not taken place. With that, it was possible to determine who was the real owner of the Chevrolet, which remained withheld. The impasse paved the way for the PM of Santa Catarina to request the so-called “loss of property” in order to take possession of the Camaro. After favorable court ruling, Chevrolet had the documentation regularized, was incorporated into the PM fleet and received adjustments to be used by the corporation.

Car Maintenance and Safety: Tips for Your Chevrolet!

Just like our body or our home, our car also needs to undergo check-ups to ensure more safety and comfort, both for the driver and for the passengers. Those who have a Chevrolet already get ahead of these items, but it is important to always check the dates of the periodic reviews to ensure the integrity of the vehicle for much longer. Check out some tips to service your Chevrolet with no secrets!

Watch the manual

The vehicle manual contains information vital to the conservation of your car. There you will find the ideal tire calibration, the maximum amount of load your vehicle can carry and also the mileage indicated to perform the reviews . Usually, the first review is made after 10 thousand kilometers or a year of running, but as time goes by, we must keep an eye on the next revisions so as not to put car safety at risk.

Oil change

Forgetting to change the oil can cause serious problems for the engine. Each engine has a suitable type of lubricant, and each has a specific time duration. Do not forget that the sticker on the corner of the windshield has a utility: inform about the next exchange.

Alignment and balancing

Trouble tires and tires generate more fuel and mechanical problems, which can shorten the life of some vehicle parts. Keep an eye on wheel alignment and tire balancing. Some abnormalities, such as steering wheel jerks and steering pulling to one side, may signal that it is time to seek technical assistance.

Security items

The safety of the driver and passengers is a priority and several items in your car exist precisely so that the act of driving becomes something safer. Do not forget to check the expiration date and the type of your fire extinguisher. The new legislation requires ABC type extinguishers, which are suitable for all types of materials and flames. Other components that may not be off your list are headlights, brake lights, monkey and triangle.

Chevrolet Onix leads sales for the 6th consecutive semester

Want to know which are the best cars of Brazil? Many people decide to buy a popular car in order to reduce expenses like: IPVA , insurance and gasoline. Not to mention the problems with parts, whose value varies greatly depending on the model of the vehicle. Despite the costs of maintaining a car, even though it is more economical, many Brazilians dream of buying one. With that in mind, we list the 13 best popular cars of 2017, taking into consideration the cost-benefit, performance and consumption of each. Even though it is the cheapest car available at the dealerships, the popular car can also be a good quality vehicle.

Check out the result of this review in this article.

What is a popular car?

It can be said that a popular car is one that usually has a 1.0 flex engine , although nowadays it is possible to find it in version 1.3 and up to 1.6. They usually combine quality at a more affordable price. It is considered popular because it is usually the best seller, in addition to its great value for money compared to the price of the FIPE table . One must be careful when choosing a good car, not to pay dearly for a very basic vehicle, without some important serial items such as air conditioning and power steering. First of all, it is best to compare the best-selling models  (best popular cars) in the country by looking at all the included items.

There are still other points that the buyer must analyze. Are they:

Performance: Check the maximum engine power.

Consumption: Know how many kilometers the car makes per liter of fuel. The higher the power of the vehicle and the lower the consumption, the better.

Cost-benefit: consider all aspects that influence the expenses with the vehicle (IPVA, maintenance, consumption, among others). It is also important to find out which car loses less value at the time of resale. In addition to the above tips, if you want to buy a popular car you should seek the opinion of a specialist, who usually lists the particularities of each. It’s no use choosing just the cheapest model if it does not meet your daily needs. Sometimes a slightly more expensive car may be worth more thinking about in the medium and long term. Another prominent point is for the value of the insurance, which is often possible to find out by phone or the insurer’s website.

Is it worth having a popular car?

Many people, when it comes to buying a car, end up in doubt between a popular new and a used luxury vehicle with higher original value. The fact is that it depends a lot on the purpose of buying that vehicle. If you opt for a used car, it is important to know the source and avoid headache with exchanges of parts. The Chevrolet Onix is the best-selling passenger vehicle in the Brazilian market since 2015. Such sales success can be attributed to a number of factors, such as beautiful design, standard items, mechanical reliability and high resale value. However, the brand does not stop updating it, keeping its product always superior to its competitors. Despite the series of innovations made available in the 2017 line, the Chevrolet Onix 2018 comes with even more innovations. And you will discover them all here!

Chevrolet Onix Differentials

In 2017, the compact hatch design was updated, following the global language of Chevrolet. Such upgrades have brought significant changes, especially in the front, rear and interior of the vehicle. The versions also became more complete, with several items being added, varying with each version. The main ones are:

electric direction;

OnStar system;

MyLink multimedia with smartphone mirroring;

LED headlamps;

monitoring of tire pressure.

In addition, the Onix received new engines, a 6-speed transmission (manual or automatic), plus new tires, brakes and suspension. All this is part of the model’s ECO system, responsible for reducing fuel consumption by up to 18%. This was presented in the line 2017. For the 2018 models, Chevrolet has prepared more news, mainly in the inclusion of new versions, that you will know now.

Onix Advantage 2018

Knowing that the demand for cars with automatic transmissions is increasing, Chevrolet has released another version of Onix with this type of transmission, Advantage. Despite being the most affordable automatic car of the brand, the Onix Advantage comes very well equipped.

The Lineu Silva character of the Great Family knows how much the Chevrolet Monza is doing well, the car has held the best-selling record in Brazil for a long time, only recently losing to Onix .Total production was 857,810 units. Monza will forever be remembered as the car that marked a revolution in the segment of medium-sized family cars in Brazil and was one of the most remarkable cars in the country of the 1980s. It has lived peacefully with the first-generation Chevrolet Vectra since launch from this in 1993 until April 1996, when the Vectra second generation in Brazil was launched, forcing the definitive retirement of Monza in September of the same year.For those who are fans of the model, the car can be produced again, it was introduced in China and was a great success ( know it here ).Ford CorelFord Corcel II (photo: Itanhaém City Hall)Ford Corcel II (photo: Itanhaém City Hall)The competitors of the Corcel II at the time were the Volkswagen Passat and the Dodge Polara, both medium-sized vehicles. They offered performance similar to that of the Corel, but Ford’s car was more economical, sleek and modern, had more comfortable interiors (particularly the seats), offered better finish and also more sturdiness than the Dodge.In 1985 it undergoes its last remodeling, that leaves the model with the same front of the refurbished Del Rey. Even with the improved performance of version 1.6 and the increased range of options, the Corcel became obsolete in the face of the competition offered by cars such as the Chevrolet Monza, for example, launched in 1982 that, even with similar performance in the engine version 1.6, was a more current car. In addition, the Passat, even with a design from the 1970s, attracted consumers for its performance, as it had a much more efficient engine than that of Corcel.

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